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We reached the market at the end of 1967. Initially focused only on the sale of food products, we soon realized that our success would pass through another business area. In the early 1970s, we changed the course of our history and invested in the manufacture of delicatessen products.

Thus began the story of one of the oldest and most charismatic Traditional Charcuterie companies.

With 100% Portuguese capital, PROBAR is part of a group of companies in the agri-food sector where the entire production process chain is controlled internally: from feed (Nutricampo, SA), through animal husbandry (Suigranja, SA) to transformation and commercialization (Probar, SA). This chain gives our products the unique quality that has characterized us.

Over the years, we have been working to take our name even further, managing to assume and maintain a prominent place in the market segment where we operate in the country and abroad.

Probar, with you for more than 55 years!

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