We value


Aware that the sustainability of the Planet is in our hands, PROBAR has been investing in some projects considered environmentally friendly.

Until now, it has invested in the education and awareness of its employees, implementing a selective recycling system throughout the company and opting for the application of techniques to reduce water consumption, with the monitoring during the day.

It has been replacing replaced the obsolete equipment and isolated the ducts and structures in the company that have resulted in greater energy efficiency. It replaced the use of naphtha with natural gas, because it is a cleaner energy and free from harmful emissions to the environment.

Regarding  packaging and transportation of products, the company’s goal is to use, in a short time, only boxes with FSC certification.

PROBAR is currently in an experimental period to use 100% recyclable material in most of its packaging.

Currently, the PROBAR is in the implementation phase of a 1Mw photovoltaic central for self-consumption of this renewable energy.

With this policy of environmental responsibility, we hope to contribute in a short time to a better future.